About B'Luxe Cuts, LLC

Welcome to B'Luxe Cuts official website, where we can supply all of your luxury essentials for men and women.
B'Luxe Cuts takes pride in making self care its number one priority in giving you the Luxe experience from home!
Why be average when you can B'Luxe? 
 I Brandi H. Leverette, the owner of B' Luxe Cuts, have been in the hair industry for 3 years now as a Cosmetologist, and recently added Barbering to my credentials.
Going into the hair industry I never had an end goal, it was more of a hobby to me, until I took the time to learn the history. I wanted to make sure being a Cosmetologist was what I really wanted to do. I received my Cosmetologist License in the state of Illinois in 2017. With this license I became a stylist at Sport Clips, which is my current job cutting hair and a hairstylist part time. Even though I was fortunate to have this, it wasn't my passion. Fast forward to 2019, I decided to add on Barbering, seeing I already have the skills. I didn't want to be known as a Barber, but a Lady Barber. I graduated from Tricoci University as a Barber in February of 2020. So yes, you can call me a "Duo Licensed chick!"
Barbering has been in my family for over 50 years plus with the "Leverette's Barbershop" on the South side of Chicago. I take pride in being a barber now, because I come from a line of lady and men barbers in my family. There's 3 generations and I plan to continue the legacy of being a Barber.
My goal is to create my own lane in the barber industry as a black woman and entrepreneur. Starting a line of essentials for men and women is just the start of building my brand.